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Unveiling the power of the mind

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In a more serious video, Motivation District tackles concepts of schizophrenia, drugs, alcohol and addiction. Through the speaker’s poetic words and the video’s visuals, the audience gains an understanding of how painful the speaker’s experiences have been. From a young age, the speaker was struggling with schizophrenia, eventually turning to drugs and alcohol to silence the voices in his head. While effective in this way, these habits were destructive in other areas of his life. One day, the speaker decides he has had enough and shifts his way of thinking. Instead of addressing his doubting voices as demons, the speaker starts to consider them to be angels speaking encouraging words. From this point on, his perception of the world and his life improves exponentially. While I think it is important to seek medical help when dealing with schizophrenia or extremely negative thoughts, this story provides an example of the impacts our self-talk has on our mental well beings. 

This video can be accessed here:  


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