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Elevating our mindset with Les Brown

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In this Motivation District video, audience members hear from Les Brown, a well-known American motivational speaker. Throughout the video, Brown encourages his audience to not only change but strengthen their mindset to prepare for the inevitable trials and tribulations throughout life. Life is full of challenges, large and small, and when these challenges present themselves it is important for us to increase our own self appreciation. It is easy to stay down when life hits hard and to unconsciously engage in self-destructive behavior. “When you don’t program yourself,” Brown starts, “life will program you.” 

Brown gives his audience members three important questions to think about and answer to help shift their ways of thinking to better align with their goals. Where have you been? Why are you here? Where are you going? In order to lead a purposeful and successful life, we must have some sort of agenda and understanding of our actions and their implications. Self reflection is an integral step to growth, which Brown and many others have identified. To move forward, we must understand how all of our actions, experiences, failures and successes are connected and what we have learned from each. 

Some of the major keys to success and reaching your dreams are: 

  • Don’t let fear stop you from trying or dreaming; 
  • Don’t let others’ judgements of you keep you from pursuing your dreams; 
  • Surround yourself with like minded individuals; and 
  • Take accountability for your life and actions. 

One of the key quotes from Brown’s talk is “as long as you are breathing, you have a shor at your dream.” Every morning that we wake up, we have another opportunity to achieve our goals, no matter how small or large they are. Life is hard and complex, but we mustn’t run from it, but toward it head on. If we want something to happen or change in our lives, it is truly up to us to make those changes. Brown encourages his audience to carry an attitude of “it’s not over until I win.” 

My words do not provide Brown’s emotional and inspiring words enough justice. I strongly suggest you not only watch this video once, but a few times. This video can be accessed here: 


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