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Failure is not an option with Elon Musk

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Motivation District’s video compiles numerous talks from Elon Musk, best known as an entrepreneur behind Tesla and Space-X, where he discusses the trials and tribulations he faced while building his two companies. The video opens up with an interview clip during which Musk is asked why he didn’t give up after the third launch from Space-X failed. Simply put, Musk responded that he would never give up, unless his resources were depleted. Eight weeks later, Musk’s fourth attempt was successful and his dreams of creating accessible space travel started to take shape. 

When asked about the keys to success, Musk provides an anecdote of when he first started his companies. At the beginning, he and his brother rented and lived in the office from which they worked. To shower, they would visit the YMCA, and loved ones would have to visit this office in order to spend time with either. This work ethic and hunger to work on your company (or self) set the trajectory for Musk’s success. Musk also highlights the importance of hiring the right people who are equally motivated and curious and their ideals align with your company’s. Cohesion amongst the company leads to the best products and services to be developed. Finally, when thinking of products and services to sell, Musk encourages his audience that these things do not need to be revolutionary or change the world. If your invention creates a small change for a large number of people, that is just as successful. 

Musk ends his talk with thoughts on what the meaning of life is. “Life can’t be about just solving problems.” Problems will always exist, but we will not. We must find inspiration in our daily lives to be a better person for those that we love and try to a leave a net positive impact on this world. Every action we take has negative and positive outcomes. Our goal should be to outweigh the negatives with our positives. 

Motivation District's video can be found here:


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