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Dreaming with Les Brown

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“I do not believe that any one of us has a dream that was not given to us.” 

Motivation District’s video highlights and compiles several talks from Les Brown, well-known American motivational speaker. Throughout this video, Brown talks about his humble beginnings and the importance to not only dream big, but to pursue those dreams with rigor. Brown argues that it is no coincidence that we have dreams or a dream life, and he encourages his audience to pursue these dreams no matter how big, how far-fetched, or how challenging. The dreams that we hold in our minds are possible with the right amount of hard work and dedication.  Brown encourages all to “run toward it [our dreams] and work on it day in and day out.”

Some people we meet in our lives have accomplished all that they are going to. They have settled for having a good job, a family, and a house and have come to accept to let go of their dreams. Other people we meet are actively running toward their dreams in spite of disappointments, pain, setbacks and failures that may ensue.  These people, through their process and progress, will realize and discover things about themselves that they never knew previously. For the most part, people do not recognize the greatness and power within themselves. In order for our lives to have purpose, we must recognize this power and continue to develop ourselves. 

One of the best parts of this video is when Brown says, “someone’s opinion of you does not need to become your reality.” This quote has resonated with so many people because they allow others’ perceptions to taint their minds and confidence. We are all greater than the circumstances we find ourselves in. 

Another key point from this video is that practice does not make perfect. “Practice makes improvement,” Brown states. We will never be perfect, but can always better our best. Elevating ourselves, not following the crowds or trends, activating our critical thinker, and putting our emotions on hold will empower us to be our best selves. While this is difficult to do, Brown encourages his audience that practicing this over and over will lead to immense improvement. 


This video is easy to follow along with captions and empowering graphics.  Motivation District’s video can be accessed here:  


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