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Work like hell with Elon Musk

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“If your customers want you to succeed, you most likely will.” 

In Motivation District’s video, several talks from Elon Musk, best known as an entrepreneur behind Tesla and Space-X, are compiled to encourage its audience to not only pursue their dreams but to do so with tenacity. Throughout the video, Musk speaks on the countless hours he spent working during the development stages of his company. This idea of working “like hell,” is something, Musk argues, that all young people entering the work force must carry with them. Whether they are starting or joining a new company, it is important to not only work your hardest, but to also surround yourself with respectful and intelligent people. Cohesion amongst these individuals is integral to propel the company in the appropriate direction. 

Much of the video focuses on advice for those wanting to start their own company. When asked to reflect on his time starting up Tesla, Musk recants that during the beginning stages of the company he would work eighty to one-hundred hours a week, focusing on coding, research and development, and the manufacturing process. Little money has been spent on marketing for Tesla because Musk wanted to focus on the integrity of his products. Musk also encourages individuals to not blindly follow trends. To set out and do something new requires an understanding that your company’s ideas must be new, a willingness to take risks, and the work ethic to put in the long hours. Throughout the video, Musk gives the audience several anecdotes describing this and the tools to do so. 

This video can be accessed here:


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