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Change the way you see yourself

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“Your self worth equals your net worth.” 

In another creatively crafted video, Motivation District addresses the power of our thoughts and their implications on achieving our goals.Throughout the video, the speaker provides his audience with powerful questions they can ponder over both during and after his talk. Some of the questions asked are: 

  • What do you believe you are worth? 
  • What are your goals?
  • What are you capabilities to attain these goals? 
  • Do you truly believe that you are worthy of attaining your goals? 

When we ask what we are capable of, we are most likely to diminish our own abilities and think smaller than we should. This can be because of our previous experiences, triumphs, and tribulations. However, if we start to dream of bigger goals, we can start to achieve these through proper planning and developing the necessary skills. While we cannot predict the future, we can get pretty close through this meticulous process. How we view ourselves directly impacts our success in every corner of our lives (i.e. financially, mentally, physically, interpersonally, etc.). 

The speaker also discusses the concept of mentally and physically aligning ourselves to maximize our achievements. Many people do not end up succeeding because their subconscious is not congruent with their bodies and thoughts. This misalignment may point to our subconscious not believing in the goal and/or not believing in our abilities to achieve the goal. Once we start living in harmony with our minds, we can then start to effectively build habits and our own paths to success. As we start to develop the habits that are needed, we begin to wire our brain and establish the muscle memory needed to achieve our goals.

There are so many quotable lines, takeaway messages, and helpful tools throughout this video to help listeners develop the skills and discipline needed for success. This video can be accessed here:  


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