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Your opinoin on ARKK


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ARKK is not something I hold or have done any research on. 

It looks like a "disruptive innovation" ETF.

They seem to invest their money in technology products and services that can potentially change the way the world works. ARKK carries an expense ratio of .75% which seems a little high for a ETF but they do say they are actively managed. ARKK's portfolio manager is Catherine Wood. 

5 Year return has been 46.27% which is decent. 

Technology stocks scare me personally as they typically trade at crazy multiples on hopes and dreams of something coming true. I am a bit more old school in my business thoughts and I like companies that have generated cash for awhile and are just cruising along. 

If you are into Tech it looks like a decent way to get some exposure to some big players. Looking at the top 10 holdings though individually I would say all those are trading at insane multiples and entering in should be done with caution. The trade is very crowded with these story stocks and you are likely overpaying for future earnings. 

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The tech behind it is interesting but I never looking into things enough to invest. I know some people who do through friends and family and they think it is a great investment. I guess it really depends on what you want to invest in and what returns (if any) you are looking to make. Some just invest and hold something like this.

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