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Are you more effective at home or gym?


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I do not go to the gym. I am not a fan of even loading my bike in the car to go somewhere to get in a bike ride. 

I like my standard training to have as little barriers as possible for me to do. 

I run, cycle, light dumbell work, and body weight exercises. 

I have a Peloton for indoor cycling and have my outdoor gravel bike for when its not 110 degrees + outside (i live in the phoenix area). 

Personally I would think I would be less effective if I had to go to the gym because of the extra steps standing between me and my workout. 

I have been considering adding a Tonal to my home to increase the effectiveness of my strength work. If I really had to go to a gym to get something done I would likely pick a gym within a couple miles of me so I could run there get in my workout and run back home or something. That way the commute time does not feel "wasted". 

Do you think it is the gym environment that gets you fired up to do work? 

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I prefer to workout at home instead, because I am not a fan of people looking at me as I workout. Plus you can select the music you want to listen to, and you don't have to worry about damaging equipment at a gym or something. I get paranoid about using some gym equipment, because I always worry I'll break something and I'll be charged a high price because of it. 

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