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Will cryptocurrency be around from here on out?


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Cryptocurrency feels like it's not going anywhere, and that made me curious. What happens if we stop seeing cryptocurrency being a thing. What happens if crypto dies out and no one bothers with it anymore? What happens to all of our investments? 

Will cryptocurrency be around for the rest of time? 

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Well its been around for quite a while now. Can not really see it going anywhere. Even if it got banned by the major governments it would still be used. Bitcoin launched in 2009 and is still here to this day so that is a pretty solid track record for the short amount of history we have. 

If no one has interest then the values will drop as supply will overrun demand in the markets and all our crypto investments will go to zero. Same thing that happens when a company goes bankrupt. 

That is why a diversified portfolio and not playing with money you cant afford to lose is a smart way to invest. You are not going to win on every pick but you do need to be right more then you are wrong. 

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