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What's your favorite link building strategy?


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I have been building websites and making money on the internet for over 20 years now. 

I have had a lot of fun playing with tons of different tactics. A majority of them do not work as well as they used to. 

Who remembers spamming tons of blog comments or forum profiles as your tier one links? 

Who remembers directory submissions and ezine articles? 

A lot has changed over the years. Now with your link building strategy it is all about quality and quantity seems to matter much less. 

So let's get into my favorite method of building links. 

First I think of an informational topic that provides immense value to the readers. We build out this piece of content and get it posted on our website. 

We then reach out to other similar sites and ask them to link to our great content. This is getting a bit harder to do but I am still finding about a 5% conversion rate in getting people to link to the content. 

You see where most webmasters go wrong is they do not market their content after publishing the content. Build it and they will come no longer works in this day of age. 

There are ways to improve your conversion rate using this link building tactic. Of course it helps to have already made contact with the webmaster. Yes relationship building is important even in link building. Think about the number of cold emails you read and respond to in your daily life. Not many...

You can also find websites that have links to dead content that is related to the content you just produced so when you make that outreach email you can provide a bit more value. Your found a problem on someone else's website (a link to a 404 page) and you suggested a fix (a link to your shiny new content) in internet marketing circles this is referred to as broken link building. 

What methods do you use to build links to your projects? Do you ignore link building all together and hope it happens naturally? I know google is not huge fan of paid links. 

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I like to establish myself in communities like this one and either use my links as signatures (on forums that allow it) or share about them. I don't do this as often these days because I know a lot of forum/community/blog owners frown on this sort of thing! I am trying to find a new system to work with. 

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We are still finding that making great content and sharing it with other webmasters builds us the highest quality links. Forum links are nice and they do work if you provide solid value in your content otherwise yes forum owners get very angry about self promoting since they are trying to build out their site too. As this community grows we will allow signature links but it will be at a higher tier of membership that becomes available. 

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