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Do you think real estate is a good investment?


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So here's the scenario, I currently work in a country that can be considered first world, whereas I come from a third world country. I am able to afford properly back in my home country, and could buy it and rent it out, and make up the initial investment in maybe 10-15 years.

I have never dabbled in real estate before.

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This is exactly what I do but within the same country. I make what I would consider high risk money or money that takes me time to earn. Then I take that cash that I traded time for and invest it into something that can earn but takes very little of my time to earn such as real estate. 

If the numbers make sense go for it. Since you are buying in from an area you are familiar with it will remove a lot of the risks associated with a out of area purchase. You are always able to hire someone such as a property manager to deal with the logistics of the property for you. 

If the numbers make sense for you it may be worth taking the leap. 

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