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Live with a sense of urgency

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“Feed your faith and your doubts will starve.” 


In Motivation District’s video, listeners are engaged by Les Brown, a well-known motivational speaker. Throughout his talk, Brown encourages his audience to take charge of their own destinies. The key and power to doing so resides within. Brown speaks on the concept of “volunteer victims,” where individuals, instead of committing and pursuing their dreams, will make up excuses upon excuses to avoid pursuing their passions. 


When challenges arise, we must evaluate ourselves, assess ourselves and the situation, and develop a plan to better our skills and strategies. Whether life’s obstacles are present or not, we must also be aware of how we speak to and about ourselves. It is okay to recognize and address our fears and insecurities, but we must not let them stop us from stepping into our own greatness. In order to achieve our dreams, we must be actively present within our lives. 


Motivation District’s video can be accessed here: 



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