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Living for experiences with Will Smith

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“The point of maximum danger, results in the minimum fear.”


In Motivation District’s video, listeners get to hear from Will Smith in an interview, where he touches on his time skydiving, his acting career, and his family. During his interview, he talks about the build up to his first time skydiving and how he had spent the day and the day before worrying about a few minutes of his life. The worrying and anticipation leading up to the event ruined the time prior. This can be seen in many of our lives where we may tend to focus on everything that could possibly go wrong instead of enjoying where we are in that moment. One of the profound quotes from Smith's talk is as follows: “forget security. Live for experience.” 

Often, we are paralyzed by waiting for the perfect time or conditions to start something new. However, there may never be a perfect time to launch a business, start a new project, make a big life decision, or move across the country. Instead of being fearful of failure, we must “aggressively move forward and create.” 

Motivation District’s video can be found here: 



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