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When it hurts

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Motivation District has done it again with a perfectly executed video. Listeners hear from several speakers talking about the struggles through adversity. Life is tough. Life’s challenges will compound. Because of this, we must be mentally and physically strong to handle life’s curve balls. It is important that we do not back down from these obstacles as they are opportunities to grow. Many people will choose the path of least resistance. While we may live good lives by doing so, we will live better ones if we go down the harder path. If we simply choose the easy path, we may be left wondering what our purpose is in life and why we are here. To figure out our “why” we must search our soul, mind, and abilities.


While we search for our purpose, it is important to flush out our own insecurities as well as those projected on us. Others’ opinions of us should not inhibit our journey to becoming our best self. As we search for our purpose, we most likely will be faced with adversity. To prepare, we must become physically and mentally prepared. When faced with adversity, we must be able to prioritize and execute a plan to address these problems. Ultimately, these challenges should bring you up. 


This video can be found here:


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