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Avoiding the path of least resistance

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“If you really want it, you will realize what trying is and what it is not.” -David Goggins


Motivation District has done it again with another expertly crafted video meant to inspire its viewers to, no matter how difficult life gets, to continue to work hard and make progress to their goals. Throughout the video, topics of shifting your mindset, focusing on your perception of self, and putting in the work when in the pursuit of our goals. Fear of failure and fear of what others’ opinions often cause a lot of people to not pursue their dreams or passions. This is something myself and others struggle with a lot. While easier said than done, we must take control of our lives and minds, and not allow others to have control on our actions. In conjunction with this, we must also win the battles against our own self doubt and tendencies towards comfort. The human body has a tendency to stay in situations where it is comfortable; however, the only way we can truly grow is through discomfort. 

On days where we are tired of the grind, it is important to show up and at the very least go through the motions. On days where we think we need to rest, instead of succumbing to the instant gratification of procrastination, we must learn to become mentally strong and get the things we need to do done. This concept can be applied to training, work, family responsibilities, and other commitments. Over time, as we improve this skill of just showing up, it will become more evident that the desire to rest is really just a weakness in a moment. Jocko Willink speaks on this in this video, stating that instead of taking a day off today, wait until tomorrow because the chances are that you won’t need to rest the next day. However, if you find yourself needing rest the next day, then you should definitely take it. I think there is great strength in recognizing when the mind and body need to decompress. 


This video can be accessed here:


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