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Changing your mindset, accountability, and perseverance

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“I want to accomplish the world.” 


In this video, Motivation District showcases messages from three talks: one from David Goggins, one from Jocko Willink, and one from Dwayne “The Rock '' Johnson. Throughout the video, many topics are discussed from how to fuel our dreams, taking accountability for our mistakes, and persevering to achieve our goals. In a more laid back talk from David Goggoins, he talks on what fuels him and his journey from being out of shape to one of the fittest people in the world. Through his experiences, he was able to shift how he talks to himself, bettering his self image, and using his humble beginnings to fuel his success. Goggins speaks on visualizing his success, and this is something everyone can implement. 


Willink provides his audience with an example from seal training, and outlines what a good leader should do if an operation fails. Good leaders take accountability for their actions (or lack of). This, over time, will cause a chain reaction within the team as more individuals will also take responsibility for their actions in both successes and failures. Once this culture is developed, then problems can start to be solved. The video concludes with a speech from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, where he talks about retiring from wrestling at the top of his career to pursue his dreams of acting. While the beginning of his acting career was shaky, Johnson recants working hard to become a better actor. For his audience, he encourages them to remember where they come from, ignore the naysayers, and go all out to achieve their goals. 


Motivation District’s video can be found here: 


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