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Reset your mindset with Denzel Washington, David Goggins, and Jocko Willink

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In Motivation District’s “Reset Your Mindset,” listeners hear from Denzel Washington, David Goggins, and Jocko Willink. These three individuals discuss how to reshape our mindsets. Washington’s words inspire risk taking and “failing big.” Goggins discusses winning the battles against yourself. Willink speaks on sticking to your goals, schedules, and routines to become mentally stronger. There are three main takeaways from this video: one from Washington, one from Goggins, and one from Willink.


In Washington’s speech, he addresses a graduating class. His main message is to act with humility but to also dream and fail big. Life is too short to remain in the boxes we put ourselves in. We must be willing to think outside the box and take risks to pursue what we are most passionate about. Washington states that today (i.e. their graduation day) is the first day of their lives. While I agree, I think that this can be applied more broadly and we can say that each morning is an opportunity for us to start over, get our lives together, or to continue to pursue all of our dreams with humility and fervor. “Dreams,” Washington states, “without goals, are just dreams.” In order for us to think and act outside of the box, we must be able to set concrete, attainable goals to achieve our dreams. 


Goggins, in an interview, speaks on “winning the battle against yourself.” The world is tough and challenging. Every morning, we must set ourselves up to succeed by doing the smallest things, like: not hitting the snooze button, making our beds, preparing for the next day ahead of time, and more. These small things, in combination, build up our mental fortitude and prepare us for the harsh realities of the world. 


Willink builds off of this concept of “winning the battle against yourself,” by encouraging his listeners to continue the mundane things in our lives even on days when we don’t want to. This can also build our mental strength. There are days where “the grind,” catches up with us, and going to the gym, work, or other events may feel like too much. Willink encourages us to at least go through the movements and show up and to procrastinate taking a break for one more day. 


All of these principles can be integrated into our everyday lives as we pursue goals in our work, training, and other aspects of life. The video can be accessed here: 


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