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Curb your negative thinking

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“If you stop refining, that’s when the weeds start growing back and you can no longer see yourself.” 


Motivation District’s video pulls from three distinctive motivational speakers: David Goggins, Jocko Willink, and Denzel Washington. Many topics are discussed during this video including: overcoming self-doubt, looking inward, and curbing fears of failure. Throughout the video, images and subtitles are used, making this video easy to follow and digest. Listeners receive the inspiring and emotionally filled words of Gogins, the analytical and practical outlooks on life from Willink, and vivid imagery from Washington. While each speaker is addressing different crowds, their messages can seamlessly be translated to our everyday lives. 


The first speaker, David Goggins, is well known for his time in the US Navy and for his career as a motivational speaker. In this video, Goggins speaks on overcoming our fears and insecurities. He starts his speech by saying that he has two personalities: David Goggins and Goggins. David is the one who is afraid to come on the show because of growing up with a stutter and worrying it will start while being interviewed. On the other hand, Goggins is the personality that disavows this fear and insecurity because we cannot live our lives in fear or judgement. Goggins, during his interview, speaks on creating two versions of yourself: one that recognizes your insecurities and one that acts in spite of these insecurities. Everyone has insecurities; many coddle these feelings; few tackle their objectives despite their insecurities.


Willink speaks on the concepts of being preoccupied with others’ opinions on them and self refinement. Many people are concerned about how they represent themselves to their bosses, colleagues, family, and friends. While loved ones’ opinions of us are important, it is important to discern whether their perception on how they feel about us is fact or fiction. To do so, this requires a level of introspection and refinement. When we first start working on ourselves, we tackle the “big issues.” Then as time passes, we take a more detailed look at our character and other aspects of ourselves. 


Washington’s speech wraps up this video. In his speech, he addresses a graduating class, recanting that they all have the tools to succeed. However, he asks them “but do you have the guts to fail?” Fear of failure is all too common, but Washinton then states,”if you do not fail, you are not trying hard enough.” Throughout his speech, he encourages his audience to take risks and leave everything on the playing field of life because you cannot take anything with you when your time is over. 


Motivation District does a great job of combining these three speeche together to create clear messages for their audience. This video can be found here:


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