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When life hits hard

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“My biggest strength is being able to envision the end before the beginning.” 


In this video, the speakers provide you with the tools and advice to get through life when things start getting hard. One of the first concepts discussed comes from David Goggins. Goggins comes from a naval background and speaks on how he got through 18 months of basic training. When asked, Goggins simply states that he envisioned the feeling of graduating from training before he even started the program. He envisioned the feeling of him walking across the stage, and that feeling is what got him through that 18 months. Goggins goes on to explain that he uses this method for all of his life’s challenges. This can easily be translated to many of our lives whether it is envisioning ourselves at the end of training block, winning an athletic competition, completing a project at work, or graduating from school. 


The second concept discusses what to do when life gets hard. Life;s challenges tend to compound upon one another. To mitigate these effects, individuals must be able to self-analyze and prioritize whichever issue is causing the most stress. From here, one must understand why something is happening and what are the effects, then plan how to alleviate this stress. Once a plan has been thought through then it is time to execute. This can be applied to family, work, training, or other stressors in our lives. If your family is causing the greatest amount of stress, then sitting down and having a conversation with everyone is important in developing steps forward. This communication, however, must be completely honest, which may upset people. While people may be hurt by this direct communication, it is vital to creating a clear plan to resolve the situation. 


Motivation District, again, provides great images that build upon the speakers’ messages. This video can be found here:


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