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Motivational Talk with Matthew McConaughey

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In this video, well known actor and producer Matthew McConaughey sits down and gives listeners an idea of his upbringing and start in Hollywood. Throughout the talk, McConaughey provides many stories and examples to drive home his points on how to develop mental fortitude, become more introspective, and how to become more subjective in our lives. One of the first stories McConaughey speaks on is during his early career in Hollywood. During this time, McConaughey was living with an individual with connections in the acting business. Similar to many young actors, McConaughey was hungry for work and opportunity. The individual he was living with at the time saw this and encouraged McConaughey to leave town and do something for himself before pursuing meetings with agents. At the time, McConaughey did not fully understand why this would be suggested. Despite this, McConaughey and a few friends visited Europe for a few weeks. This trip, McConaughey states, was the trip that really allowed for his career to take off. McConaughey speaks on the games in Hollywood that are played out. Agents and managers are able to sense potential client’s needs and desires for a particular role or job and are typically turned off from that. McConaughey’s trip to Europe allowed him to not place such importance on meeting and working with agents. Rather than being clouded with his desires to work in Hollywood, McConaughey was able to enter future meetings with agents with less interest but be more involved.


This concept of “less interest, more involvement” is touched on throughout the video. While this video is not your typical motivational speech with speakers yelling to their listeners about getting their lives together, McConaughey’s messages are still profound and gives listeners the tools to implement these tools in their everyday lives. McConaughey speaks on being more subjective in our lives and to focus on living life in the moment. Once something is completed (career, projects, training blocks), then it is okay to look back objectively and see all that we have accomplished. One of the main takeaways from McConaughey’s talk is that the world today is too wrapped up in likes, reviews, and other metrics that define our self worth. It is important to take a step back from this and be grateful for all the moments we experience. 


Motivation District’s YouTube video provides easy to follow subtitles and great clips to go along with McConaughey’s words. The video can be accessed here: 


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