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How To Overcome Addiction To A Person


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Addiction is not always related to drugs. Sometimes, it is even possible to get addicted to people. And the results are disastrous. 

While some call this the 'love' addiction, I would simply explain this as an unnatural dependency on another person for fulfillment. There is hardly any love that is present in a situation like this because, after a point, it is bound to turn unhealthy. 

And before you realize it, your perfect relationship will turn destructive. You will have more fights and emotional breakdowns, making the relationship dysfunctional for both parties. Unhealthy attachment patterns have both short-term and long-term impacts, both of which will leave you unsatisfied. 

In this scenario, the drug is the person you desire, and the worst part is that unlike an alcoholic, you might be in denial. And today, I will give you a few tips that you can use when facing a similar situation.  

#1 Identify your problem: As I have already said, most people in the same boat as you take a very long time to understand that they are facing this problem. If your partner complains about your problematic attachment patterns, try acting on them instead of reacting. 

Sit with a diary where you jot down what you mostly do and say to them. Question yourself if these things are restricting their personal space. And if so, make a to-do list for rectifying your behavior. Things won't get fixed overnight, but it will motivate you to do better when tracking your progress.

#2 Find support groups: You're mistaken if you think that this problem doesn’t affect others. In fact, there are many support groups (both online and offline), so try reaching out to them for help. You would be surprised by how many people suffer from the same problem as you. With the support of your new network, I am sure you will do a lot better. 

#3 Identify the triggers: Triggers can sometimes be the best teacher. When you feel that a certain behavior of your partner or specific incidents triggers this dependency, make sure to note them down. 

This would help you understand what fuels your undue dependence on them. And this is half the job done! Once you identify these triggers, work to minimize them by controlling your reaction. And that would ultimately help you overcome this unhealthy addiction in an effective manner.

Have you ever had to overcome "love" addiction? What steps were helpful in overcoming it?

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