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How To Overcome Discouragement


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Experiencing discouragement is not something foreign for most of us, be it external or internal. It is normal to feel discouraged from time to time, especially when you have been in a bad place mentally. But it is worrisome if that feeling stays for long, without any definite cause. 

It is easy to get discouraged in trying times or when you have hit a rough patch. But if you have been feeling that consistently, say for two weeks at a stretch, then you need to do something about it. 

Here’s my advice on how to beat your blues and overcome discouragement:

#1 Appreciate your journey: people are so caught up in moving on from one task to another that they often forget to stop and appreciate how far they have come. 

You can fall prey to discouragement if you have a new and difficult task ahead of you for which you have zero experience. But reflecting on your journey and how hard you have worked will incite a sense of self-confidence. 

It will become relatively easier to move ahead and beat that feeling of dejection.

#2 Follow motivational content: media has a significant impact on your impressionable minds. You don’t even realize the amount of burden you carry by constantly taking in heavy and demotivating content. So, try to be mindful of the things you watch on the internet. 

Even happy and upbeat songs can fill you with adrenaline at times. It is short-lived, but sometimes a speck of hope is all that we need to move forward.

#3 Talk to your loved ones: pouring out all your thoughts in front of someone trustworthy who offers a non-judgmental ear always helps. Hence, try to get in touch with a friend or acquaintance whom you look up to and seek inspiration from.

Accept their love and validation, and let it be your motivation to move ahead. Don’t be weighed down by others’ expectations of you. Rather, try to be happy with the amount of faith they have in you and your potential.

#4 Seek professional help: all the measures I suggested above are hit-or-miss techniques and aren’t meant to invalidate the gravity of your situation. If you have been feeling discouraged for more than two weeks without any valid reason, then it might be a sign of depression. Under such circumstances, seek therapy and couple it with mindful efforts from a personal end.

We have all had to overcome discouragement at some point... What steps did you take to overcome discouragement? 

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