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How To Overcome Shyness In Bed


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Believe it or not, a huge chunk of the population feels shy when they are in bed with their partners. And it is certainly not something that you should be ashamed of, as you can fix it by following a few simple tips.

That said, you need to be brave enough to confront the root cause of your shyness; only then can it be overcome. In most cases, shyness in bed stems from a lack of comfort, confidence, and communication with your partner. 

Regardless, you should address it soon because it leads to poor sex life and a lack of emotional intimacy between partners. Moreover, divorces, breakups, and regular fights are common causes of shyness in bed that can wreck your life. 

That’s why you should understand the gravity of the situation and start taking immediate steps to overcome it. Here are my tips on how you can deal with shyness in bed. 

#1 Talk to your partner in bed: don’t think about sex straightaway when you’re in bed with your partner. Instead, focus on intimacy and the only way to do that is by having conversations with your partner. 

Ask them about their fantasies, their likes, and dislikes. This way, you will know how your partner likes to be treated in bed, which will help overcome shyness.

#2 Get cleaned up: one of the main reasons most people feel shy when in bed with their partner is because they are not confident about how they smell and look. Hence, ensure that you are well-groomed before having sex so that your partner enjoys it. In fact, I strongly recommend visiting a barber at least once a week to fix your facial hair. 

#3 Make your partner feel in control: sometimes, it is great to let your better-half be in charge. Doing this will help you analyze what makes your partner feel better when it comes to sexual intercourse. Once you realize it, it will help you plan accordingly, thereby ensuring that it’s a satisfying experience. 

#4 Focus on the journey, not the destination: if you are too focused on climaxing, you will not enjoy the love-making, and soon it will lead to shyness in bed. So, it would be best to work on the process and not overthink the outcome. You can even try implementing sensate focus, which has helped many people suffering from shyness in bed and other sexual issues. 

Is shyness in bed something you have had to overcome? What steps did you take that helped you get through it? 

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