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How To Overcome Sexual Immorality


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First off, this is one of the most common questions that I come across almost daily in my emails. Our world has become a buffet of sexual immorality. Whether it’s gay marriage, fornication, or adultery, our society has embraced all of this with open arms. 

And so, I’d like to tell you that the road to overcoming sexual immorality isn’t an easy one. This road is full of bumps and potholes which you have to tread alone. Occasionally, you’ll fall, and then rise again, but with determination and persistence, you can emerge victoriously. 

If you are fighting against sexual sin, then know that you are not alone. It’s a battle that most of us have fought or are still fighting. And so, what I always say is that you must learn to keep your thoughts and feelings at bay because acting upon them will only lead to grief and disappointment. 

Here’s my advice on how to overcome sexual immorality:

#1 Watch your thoughts: Everything begins with a thought. Your thoughts are the nest where the eggs of your sins are hatched. And so, I suggest you be careful of what you think. Do not let your mind be an inn that allows sinful thoughts to rest within it. If you’re faced with such disturbing thoughts, make sure you replace them with something else. 

#2 Learn to handle tempting situations: One of my most favorite pieces of advice is to wield the sword. By saying this, what I mean is to gain control over your temptations and lustful thoughts. Whether it is a visit to the bar or friends leading you to the path of sexual immorality, you must know when to wield the sword. 

If explicit images on social media lead you to sinful actions, unfollow them right away. Such small actions will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

#3 Talk to your partner or friend: Dealing with everything all by yourself might get a bit overwhelming. And so, I suggest talking to your partner or a friend. Share your struggles with them, as their support will make the road easy for you.

#4 Perseverance is the key: No matter how many difficulties you face, all I say is persevere. Keep struggling, and don’t give up. As I say to everyone, It might be cloudy today but know that it isn’t going to rain forever. Determination and perseverance is the key to achieving your goals.

Is sexual immorality something you have had to overcome? What steps helped you through the process?

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