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How To Overcome Despair


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To begin with, there isn’t any quick fix for overcoming despair. And, if despair has been your best friend for quite some time, you must know how daunting it is to get through the day. 

When you struggle under the weight of sadness, doing even the simplest chores such as getting out of bed, taking a shower, or leaving the house might seem like a herculean task. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, faced financial loss, or suffered heartbreak, anything can plunge you into a state of despair. 

Isolating yourself, skipping work, or avoiding friends, will not help you overcome despair but will only worsen things. It will spiral you down in a maelstrom of despair. 

You must know that the fog above you will not lift on its own. It is only you who will have to disentangle the knots and clear the clouds of despair to bring back your lost sunshine. 

Here’s my advice on how to overcome despair:

#1 Remember this too shall pass: Whether good or bad, all things pass - this is what I keep telling myself when I feel hopeless. Whether you’re suffering heartbreak or facing financial crises, remind yourself a streak of bad luck isn’t going to last forever. Good times will be back, and you’ll be happy soon. 

#2 Don’t be harsh on yourself: Ever played snakes and ladders? If yes, you must remember how annoying it was to get up and suddenly come zapping down again. Your journey to overcoming despair will be just like this. 

Some days you’ll feel like the clouds of despair have lifted themselves and that you’re the happiest person on earth. But then again, you’d find yourself plunged into the dungeon of despair. So, don’t be harsh on yourself but be gentle with yourself on this journey to overcoming despair.

#3 Take small steps: Of course, dealing with despair is no less than a nightmare. But, there isn’t any magic potion that will pull you out from the pits of despair. And so, what I recommend to everyone is that they must take things little by little. Whether you’re overcoming a divorce or a financial meltdown, you must take small steps rather than a big plunge. 

#4 Take despair for a walk: Try to go for a walk at least once a day to get some fresh air. Not only will it boost endorphins and raise metabolism, but it will also provide you with much-needed peace. 

Despair is likely something we will all have to overcome at some point in our lives. What steps do you take to overcome despair? 

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