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Do people put too much hope in cryptocurrency?


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I feel like these days, people put too much hope in cryptocurrency. I like the idea behind crypto, but I feel there's too much of a risk with it. For me, I don't invest much, because I worry that maybe one day it could come back to haunt me and in turn cause me to lose my investments. 

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I think it has its place in a balanced portfolio. I would never advise someone to put 100% of their investments into any single asset class. Anything though can go to zero at any time. There is always going to be risk in being an investor. 

Make it a certain percentage of your overall investment portfolio. If crypto is your only investment I would likely advise someone to rethink that choice. 

Who knows what is going to happen with it. It is anyone's guess. All we can do is speculate and choose if we want to go on a ride or not. 

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