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Do you ever try to market yourself aside from your site/business?


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Do you ever market yourself out there? Maybe to market your skills and talent. But I figure it could be another way to get you out there to the world. Your site and business is one thing, because you are probably marketing those in a different way. Have you ever consider marketing yourself instead? Maybe you can market guest posting abilities for other sites, or offer services for other things. 

I just think, that it helps to put a face to the name. 

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Building a brand around yourself is never a bad idea. I feel that is what the LinkedIn platform is all about. Building your personal brand. 

Yes you have your companies you market for and you market your services but marketing yourself can lead to huge gains and opportunities you may have never thought of. 

I feel like I am marketing myself anytime I meet someone new. I typically go over what we do for a living, what excites me, things I want to buy, and just try to let someone know what I am all about. 

So keep that LinkedIn profile constantly updated and remember every person you come in contact with there may be opportunity waiting to be uncovered. You never know when you find a new partner, deal, and information. 

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