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Any working speed reading hack?


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Hello. Has anyone found a tried and tested speed reading hack. 

I really need to read lots of books, but my speed sucks. Midway in a sentence, my mind fly away! I start thinking of other things and lose track of what am reading. 

What can i do to improve my reading speed? 

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Okay, reading like any other skill requires practices. There are so many ways to improve reading speed, but without practice, you will not see any improvement. But to help your reduce the problem of your mind drifting away from what you are reading, i advice trying to visualize the scenes in the book. This is like acting the book in your mind. Give the characters some real life faces that you know. That way, you will be immersed in the book completely.

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I do not speed read but I do feel I understand how skills are built and how we adapt over time. 

We never start out being "fast" or "strong" or whatever it is the goal is in this case "speedy". 

I can relate this back to fitness. I consider myself an endurance athlete so things for me never start out fast but they do improve with time. So when I added running to my routine this year I didn't and still don't care how fast I can run I care about how long I can run. 

I have always thought a good set of priorities when learning/training for anything are:

Frequency - How often we do said thing
Duration - How long we do said thing
Intensity - How hard we do said thing

So if I were going to start speed reading first I would go read up on the basic skills and then start doing it slowly and mastering the techniques. I would likely "train" for it the same way we train for anything so adding like 15 minutes of daily speed reading to my daily routine. Once I got the frequency to where I like which is typically 6 days a week for most things then I would start adding time to that daily task. 

As you keep working through this you will find yourself getting better and better with the skill. 

Once you find that the duration is long enough to satiate whatever the goal is then you will start trying to go faster. 

This is pretty much the framework I use when trying to learn anything new. 

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