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Sites to buy stocks easily


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I want to start investing in stocks, but I want something easy to understand. Are there any sites to buy stocks, that make it super easy? Maybe ones that explain how it's all done. I have a lot to learn, and investing in stocks sounds like it could be a promising option for me. 

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I like it over at Fidelity. They keep things easy and offer great customer service. 

As far as buying stocks it really is as easy as loading funds into an account and placing a buy order. 

What you buy is really going to revolve around your goals and what you define success to look like. 

Always remember to never play with money you can not afford to lose and investing is supposed to be a long term activity that takes place over a lifetime and results are rarely ever instant. 

Take your time and layer in. Do not look at your balances on a daily basis and stick to your theories as to why you invested in something to begin with. You should be able to tell someone a story about why you made a purchase and how you think that purchase is going to appreciate or give you more cash over time. Never buy something because everyone else is doing so. 

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