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I think building up a business takes a lifetime


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If you're interested in starting a business, let it be known that it can take a lifetime to run. You may have everything set and good to go, but you'll always find issues and things to fix along the way. Building up a business can take a lifetime, but, that business can always grow after you are long gone. So, it can take longer than a lifetime sometimes. 

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Yes it can take awhile to build. That is why it is great to build around something you are passionate about. That way all the work you are putting in will feel more fun. 

All that time you put in though should lead to reward in the future. The ability to live how you want to live. The ability to build your dream instead of another persons dream. Being the job creator and onboarding people to help build your vision. 

It is a lot of hard work. It does take time. So does everything else in life that is worth it. So just learn to embrace the grind and get it done. You are able to build something that can outlive you. Something that can provide for many generations in the future. 

You should know in years 3 - 5 if your business concept is going to work or not. Work is never done though and things can always be better. 

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