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  1. Welcome to the community @Mickey. Glad you were able to find us. Look forward to reading your posts. What kind of photography do you like to take?
  2. Yeah I enjoy 1 diet soda per day. Typically diet coke. They say the aspartame is not the best for you but as long as it is being consumed in moderation I would hope the body could deal with it. I enjoy my soda a day habit and I will typically have a that beverage instead of a solid food snack.
  3. Have not put much thought into the topic of war time and cryptocurrency. I would say it should not go to zero because of a war unless the entire world lost power which would kill the exchanges. Typically during trying times assets will come down in value as people remove risk from their portfolios due to the uncertain future that lays ahead. So I would expect prices to fall but at the same time I would think that would be against all asset classes.
  4. In my adult life (ages 18 - 37) I have likely gone to the general doctor 7 or 8 times. I typically show up there if I have been sick for a few weeks and I feel my only chance of recovery is with antibiotics. Or when my kids are in preschool and kindergarten I seem to get pink eye quite a bit which you need the prescription eye drops to get that taken care of. Last time we moved I promised the wife I would go in for a general checkup so I did that but have not yet returned. I do go to the eye doctor once a year and the dentist every 3 years or so. I think living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise goes a really long ways. I also do not like Drs telling me about the unhealthy things I already do and do not want to change (like vaping).
  5. Yes I can agree with this. My wife will sometimes get annoyed with me if I start doing to many things to take care of myself. Over the years as we had more kids I have slowly tried to remove work load off of her plate and it was always met with a bit of resistance. She worried if I was taking care of myself what do I need her for. Had to explain its more then the things she does but the support from the partnership that makes it all great. Now I have also worked with people that when we traveled they would have to call and check in with their spouse every hour. I always thought it was a bit over the top since my routine was typically to send my wife a text message telling her good night just letting her know I was still alive. It is a fine line between needy and needed.
  6. They still want to know :). It is because the government wants to know where we get our money from to make sure everything is being reported correctly. Just like you are going to report someone is also going to report paying you.
  7. Depends on why you are buying the house in the first place. If you are looking for a home to move into for yourself and do not foresee doing any work then yes getting yourself into a "turn-key" place and paying a bit more will likely be worth it to you. Now my wife every time we have moved she always wants to do some kind of remodel. So the last house we purchased I made sure needed some work since I knew it was going to be done anyways and we were able to get a slightly better buy. Now when I am evaluating rental property I typically can not get a place that is "turn-key" to match my investment return criteria to make a purchase. So I have to find ways to get the house for less which is typically buying property that a bank will not finance which means it needs work. You do need to understand though how much all the work is going to cost. Then for safety reasons add another 10-20k on top of that for surprises while you are getting used to the process. I would much prefer to buy turn key homes that are ready to rent out but in our area my returns would be so little that it would make no financial sense to do. It really all boils down to what your end goals are.
  8. Yes that is likely one of the reasons the value of Bitcoin and Real Estate have been skyrocketing. I am sure greater adoption is playing a rule but if the money printing presses don't stop running of course the value of the currency is going down when measured against other asset classes. It is why inflation is so bad. Inflation will outpace wages and puts us into tricky situations while the economy readjusts. There should be some interest rate hikes coming so hopefully they can get it under control.
  9. I will just be handing out candy to the kids that come through the neighborhood. Putting on The Shining once that is all done with my older kids sounds like a great idea 🙂
  10. Anyone CAN change their behavior but they really have to want to change. Which is why sometimes we hear people never change. So if the angry person you know wanted to make a change they would have to work on that. Just like anything else it is a process to learn how to change an undesired behavior so it will take time.
  11. Life is calling you to move forward. Keep your head up and keep moving. Wherever life takes you, remember that it's not what you do or how much money you make, but who you are and what you stand for.
  12. James

    Think Positive

    Positive thinking helps with stress management and can also improve your health. ... In fact, several studies show that personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect many areas of your health and well-being. The positive thoughts that usually accompany optimism are an important part of effective stress management. So always stay POSITIVE!
  13. I've often said that sometimes bad or disappointing things happen. We are disappointed when we lose, but that's life. Whatever decisions you make in your life, bad or good things may happen. Life goes on…
  14. Our thought processes play an important role in the creation of our reality. We must realize this quote that we become what we think. Therefore, it is important for us to think positively.
  15. Believing in yourself means believing in your own abilities. It means believing that you CAN do something, that it is in your capacity. Believing in yourself can help you overcome doubts and have the confidence to act and get things done.
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