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10 of my favorite publicly traded REITs


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Real Estate is a great way to build wealth over time.

REITs make it easy to indirectly own real estate that is managed by another team. You do not need to worry about any of the issues or risks associated with direct ownership. You of course lose some of the benefits associated with direct ownership.

Here is my list of publicly traded REITs I own and love (I am not giving any buy, sell, hold ratings just listing some of my favorites).



Air Communities is an apartment REIT. They own property all over the United States. Dividends are paid quarterly. 



American Tower Corporation is a cell phone tower REIT. They lease tower space to the cellular providers. Dividends are paid quarterly.



AVB is an apartment REIT. I really do like them but they have very heavy exposure on each of the coasts which real estate values have done nothing but gone up for a long time. We are starting to see a migration to more affordable areas but it seems demand is still high on the coasts. Dividends are paid quarterly.



Another communications REIT. They have towers all over. Dividends are paid quarterly.



CyrusOne is a data center REIT. They have data centers all over the world. Dividends are paid quarterly.



Digital Realty is a datacenter REIT. They have data centers all over the world. Dividends are paid quarterly.



Our first triple net REIT on the list. NNN leases are some of my favorite to own as a landlord and we know the model works well. Dividends are paid quarterly. 



One of the most famous triple net REITs on the market. Primarily because they pay dividends monthly. They have a very long history of dividend raises too. This stock has a cult following so when you see an opportunity to enter make sure to jump on it. 



Stag Industrial is focused on acquiring single tenant industrial properties. Think fulfillment centers and distribution hubs.  They are pretty popular among the investor crowd not only because of the type of real estate they are acquiring but they also pay monthly dividends. 



VICI properties holds one of the largest portfolios of casino properties. They are investing in gaming, hospitality, and entertainment destinations. Dividends are paid quarterly. 

There you have a list of some of my favorite publicly traded REITs. There are a ton of different options out there. I hold all the above on the list.

Which great REITs did I miss? Would love to hear some of your favorites. 



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I am going to have to show this to my boyfriend, he is obsessed with real estate, the general housing market, and trades/buys dealing with property. I think this is because his father was an agent when he was growing up and he got to see all sorts of homes that he would otherwise not have been able to see. 

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